• Theseus: an Experiment in OS Structure and State Management

          Kevin Boos, Namitha Liyanage, Ramla Ijaz, and Lin Zhong.
          OSDI 2020.       PDF       BibTeX       GitHub Repo       Long Talk       Short Talk
  • Theseus: A State Spill-free Operating System

          Kevin Boos and Lin Zhong.
          PLOS 2017.       PDF       BibTeX       Slides       Poster       GitHub Repo
  • A Characterization of State Spill in Modern Operating Systems

          Kevin Boos, Emilio Del Vecchio, Lin Zhong.
          EuroSys 2017.       PDF       BibTeX       Website       Slides       Poster
  • FlashBack: Immersive Virtual Reality on Mobile Devices via Rendering Memoization

          Kevin Boos, David Chu, and Eduardo Cuervo.
          MobiSys 2016.       PDF       BibTeX       Website       Demo Video       MobiSys Talk       Slides       Poster
  • Eliminating State Entanglement with Checkpoint-based Virtualization of Mobile OS Services

          Kevin Boos, Ardalan Amiri Sani, and Lin Zhong.
          APSys 2015.       PDF       BibTeX       Slides       Poster
  • Rio: A System Solution for Sharing I/O between Mobile Systems — Best Paper Award

          Ardalan Amiri Sani, Kevin Boos, Min Hong Yun, and Lin Zhong.
          MobiSys 2014.       PDF       BibTeX       Project Website       Video Demo       Tech Report (arXiv)
  • I/O Paravirtualization at the Device File Boundary   (Paradice)

          Ardalan Amiri Sani, Kevin Boos, Shaopu Qin, and Lin Zhong.
          ASPLOS 2014.       PDF       BibTeX       Project Website
  • BRACE: An Assertion Framework for Debugging Cyber-Physical Systems

          Kevin Boos, Chien-Liang Fok, Christine Julien, Miryung Kim.
          ICSE 2012.       PDF       BibTeX       Project Website


Invited Talks

  • December 4, 2020 at Brown University. Theseus: an Experiment in OS Structure and State Management.   Slides (6MB)


  • App Chair — HotMobile 2018
  • TPC Member — MobiSys 2018 PhD Forum
  • Co-chair — MobiSys 2017 PhD Forum
  • TPC Member — S3 2017
  • TPC Member — MobiSys 2016 PhD Forum