FlashBack in a nutshell

Virtual reality applications are extremely graphically demanding and cannot be rendered with full quality on today's weak mobile devices, at least not with a high framerate and low latency. We develop FlashBack, a novel solution which pregenerates a subset of all possible views in a virtual environment into a cache of frames, and then delivers and adjusts these frames for live playback on a mobile device. We distribute the cache across the three-tier storage hierarchy available on mobile devices (GPU VRAM, System RAM, and persistent Flash storage) to realize both high performance and support for large, flexible virtual environments, even with dynamically moving or animated objects. FlashBack offers desktop-quality VR experiences on mobile devices with low latency, high framerate, and excellent energy efficiency.

Click here to watch Kevin's MobiSys talk about this project.
PDFs of the paper and presentation slides can be found on my publications page.

FlashBack Video Demo